Welcome all to the new website! I hope you feel the same way as I do in that there is a large improvement!

5 Replies to “NEW WEBSITE”

  1. So far I enjoy this browser I how ever have a few suggestions for the betterment and success of the site alright here we go
    # 1 is the browser does not allow u to use the Android devices back button kinda makes me tougher to browse
    # 2 is the speed at Which the app runs is far slower than most other day browsers out there so I suggest checking into the the cache systems and cookies system and see what is slowing it down so much
    I also would like to congratulate u on this adventure u have started an if u need someone to bounce ideas off of send me an email and I will gladly give you my opinon

  2. This app is so great and also very fast but one thing i would suggest that in this browser u put just 4 tabs and there is no option for bookmark. Plz fix this quickly as fast as possible otherwise the browser is awesome!!

  3. سامسونگ اندروید رو اپگرید کنم.

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